Tunable Okedo-taiko  “Kanade”

Masayuki Sakamoto developed “Kanade” alongside Asano Taiko which received the “Japan Good Design Award” by Public Interest Incorporated Foundation of Japan Design Promotion Association. Moreover, it has received high reputation and selected for “Good design best 100”, whilst accepting the special award “Good Design Award of Small and Medium Enterprises”.


Attaching the metal fitting directly to the body of the Taiko, “Kanade” can now separately tune both sides which wouldn’t be possible with a traditional Okedo Taiko.By simply sliding leather parts attached to the rope, this Taiko can create range of expressions for solo performances.

”I usually adjust the main skin to achieve treble and the bass sound on the back skin, and it makes a difference of about 1 octave for each side. Then I perform and create the sound with the unique reverberation.”


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